46 years old

Lives in Inverness

I am a bisexual professional lady staying in the Highlands.Currently in a close relationship with a woman,I am looking to make new friends locally. I have always had a certain empathy with bi/gay men and would very much like to meet either an unattached guy(unmarried)or a couple,intially at least for companionship, go out with for a meal of just to spend some time with but as I also have an interest in homo-eroticism,perhaps a MMF threesome once we all knew each other well. I am very mature for my age and have high standards so ideally I would like to meet someone older than myself..and no slobs or football fanatics please!

Member Details

Gender: Female
Country: Scotland
County: Highland
City/Town: Inverness
Age: 46
Martial Status: Divorced
Body Type: Slim
Can Accommodate: Yes
Can Travel: No
Smoking: No
Drinking: Yes

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