In creating an account with our website we request data which is considered to be personal information under new GDPR legislation. We have a duty to ensure that we are clear about the way in which we process your personal data.

The safety and security of your information is of the highest concern to us and we take it very seriously. This privacy policy outlines the types of information that we may request and what we do with it.

What Information Do We Process?

When creating an account on our website we request that you provide the following details; gender, date of birth, email, location (country, county, town/city) and username. Other information may be requested but is optional.

This information is requested for the purposes of creating an account. The information required is the minimum information needed for users of our site to identify whether they wish to engage in conversation with you.

What Do We Use Your Information For?

Some information is shared on our website. This includes gender, age (but not date of birth), location and username. Other, optional information including photos and other, non personally identifiable information will also be shared on our website if this information is provided.

Your email address is used by us to send notifications of messages received on our website, in addition to some occasional site information or information about our services. We may share your information with select third parties who provide services on our sites (e.g payment providers). However, this information would only be used in connection with those services offered on our own website.

We will not sell or share your data with and third parties. We will only share your information with government bodies or authorities when;

  • You have given clear consent for us to do so
  • We are required to do so for any legal reasons
  • Your actions violate our terms of service

Can You Access / Delete Your Information?

Information that you input onto our website can be edited or deleted by yourself and we keep no records of historic changes that you make to any personal information. Any past information stored in backups are stored in a secure and protected location, are securely compressed and are only kept for as long as necessary.

You may delete your account from the account details page at any time. Please note that by default this deactivates your account and stores your information securely, whilst ensuring that it is not visible on our website. This is to ensure that you can reactivate your account if you later change your mind. If you would like your account to be permanently deleted then please contact us directly.

The GDPR legislation has terms that give you additional rights over your personal data and includes;

The Right To Be Informed; this means that you can request to know the information and personal data that we hold on you. This Privacy Policy is intended to inform you of the data that we hold if you use our services, and how we process that data.

The Right Of Access; you have the right to request from us the information and personal data that we hold on you. Contact us for more information.

The Right To Erasure; this means that you have the right to request that your personal data is deleted.

Additional rights under GDPR are;

The Right To Rectification
The Right To Restrict Processing
The Right To Data Portability
The Right To Object

Is Your Data Secure?

We work hard to ensure that all data provided to us is kept secure. Your data is kept in secure databases which are password protected. We continue to review and revise our security measures over time to ensure that your data is kept secure.

Data Processing

Under the new GDPR legislation we are required to clearly specify a lawful basis for processing your data. We have indicated below the various different processing of your data that may occur on our website and the relevant lawful basis.

Contractual: This means that the processing is necessary for the provision of a contract or service agreement. This applies to the processing of information required for the creation of an account with us, maintaining of an account, and through the usage of our website and services.

Legal Obligation: This means that processing is necessary for us to comply with the law. This basis will apply if we require any additional age or identification checks to verify user identity or age, or if we are requested to share information for legal reasons.

Legitimate Interest: This means that the processing is in your, or our legitimate interest. This basis applies to any marketing or service emails or message notifications that you may receive from our site, as we believe that it is in your interests to receive such information. All marketing and message notifications will have unsubscribe links and you can also change message preferences from your account dashboard.

Consent: If we wish to process your data for any reason other than those listed above, we will request your express consent to do so.